Rexam Metallising

Manufacturing – Special Hazards

Building Size:
77,590 Square Feet: Metallising, Coating, Finishing, Raw Material Storage, Solvent Mix and Offices.

Two (2) wet pipe systems: Metallising .30/2500 sq ft and Coater .37/2500 sq ft One (1) wet 75 psi ESFR: Raw Material/Finished Goods

Underground water supply to the risers is 10″ ductile iron pipe and 6″ C900 plastic pipe for approximately 11080 lineal feet. The water supply is boosted by a 1500 gpm electric driven fire booster pump rated at 85 psi.

Foam/Water Spray System for the Solvent Mix Room:
Protection of flammable liquid storage tanks with 3% alcohol resistant AFFF foam and a water spray system of open sprinklers. Chemicals protected are Methyl Ethyl Keytones, isopropyl alcohol, and toluene stored in 20,000 gallon horizontal tanks and 1,500 gallon vertical tanks. Reference NFPA 16 and NFPA 13.

CO2 System for the Polycoater and Hose Reels:
Rate by volume method of .25 lbs/cubic foot with a 30 second discharge. Two (2) hose reels with a flow rate of 250 lbs per minute.

FM200 Clean Agent Suppression System for the Drive House:
Delivers a 7.5% concentration of FM200 agent into the Polycoater Drive House.