Jacobson Warehouse

Distribution Center: Special Hazards

Building Size:
260,400 square feet: Chemical storage, flammable liquid storage, and offices

Six (6) Single Interlock Pre action systems and two (2) double interlock foam systems protecting the flammable liquid storage room.

System Classification:
The building is a design/build sprinkler project referencing NFPA 13 1996 Edition, 231 1987 Edition, and 231C 1986 Edition, NPFA 30 1995 Edition 1993 and State Code Article 79 for Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Article 81 for High Piled Storage for guidelines in design. Warehouse to provide storage of Agricultural Chemical Products. No rack storage of products. The combustible products stored in the combustible room include Class I B, II and III A.

One control panel controls all pre action valves. Each riser includes an Alarm Pressure Switch, Low Air Alarm Pressure Switch, Tamper Switch and a Solenoid Valve. Each riser location will have a Latching Manual Pull for System Reset/Recharge to assist in resetting the pre action systems after user. Each pair (2) of risers to have an interior audible/visual alarms and exterior audible alarm.

Underground water supply to the risers is 10″ ductile iron pipe for approximately 1300 lineal feet. The water supply is boosted by a 1500 gpm electric driven fire booster pump rated at 86 psi.

Alarm and Detection:
One (1) Alarm and Detection system per Pre action Valve. Each system includes Rate of Rise Heat Detectors, Alarm Pressure Switch, Low Air Alarm Pressure Switch, Solenoid Valve, Audible and Visual Alarm notification. Included is a relay for the operation of the Dezurnik valve which controls the exterior containment drain pipe.

Foam Protection:
Equipment by Chubb National Foam
800 Gallon Vertical Bladder Tank with 3% AR AFFF Foam Concentrate Ratio Controllers, Cast Brass, wafer style between flanges Ball Valves manual, 1 1/2″ NPT Brass with chrome plate, brass ball, teflon seats check valves, swing type, 1 1/2″ NPT Brass, Class 125 1 1/2″ water powered ball valves, threaded, Brass and Stainless Steel w/ MOR capability 3% Universal Gold is acceptable for use with hydrocarbon fuels and polar solvent based fuels. Amines and Keytones require polar solvent type foams.