Other Services

USAutomatic focuses on four major fire protection and life safety segments: Fire Protection Systems, Alarm and Detection Systems, Fire and Life Safety Services and Monitoring Services.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services.

Our services differ from other Fire Protection and Security companies. Our technicians are cross- trained in fire protection and fire alarm and detection trade crafts. This training and education focus drives down costs through better efficiencies.

For example: USAutomatic Fire and Security does MORE for its customers. After the fire system installation is complete and commissioned to the owner, USAutomatic is there with its Fire and Life Safety Services Division to keep the customer’s total cost of ownership low for the life of the system.

USAutomatic offers a FULL range of Fire and Life Safety Services.

  1. It all starts with customer training. Training is included with all of our fire protection and fire alarm systems. We take the time to train you and your staff how to properly use the equipment upon completion of the project.
  2. It doesn’t end there though. Training is included for the life of that system. The more you know about the care and maintenance, the less expensive the total cost of ownership is. With a local Indianapolis-based office we are only a call and minutes away if you need a technician for more complex solutions.
  3. Then, we offer inspection and maintenance services to keep your systems functioning as designed.
  4. Our unique web-based inspection reports portal gives you immediate access to all of your reports online and at your convenience.

In addition, USAutomatic also provides Gas Detection Technologies, Residential Sprinkler Systems and other Life Safety Systems. Click here to contact a USAutomatic Sales Representative in your area now for more information.

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