Chemical Based Extinguishing Systems

USAutomatic designs unique fire suppression systems that integrate:

  • A broad selection of hardware and agents
  • Innovative computer software
  • Advanced technical and service support
  • Fire hazard evaluation
  • Assistance in preparing project budget estimates and specifications
  • A commitment to environmental safety


For more than 68 years Chemetron Fire Systems has led the industry in innovative product design, constantly creating new solutions to handle today’s special hazards. Committed to protecting your valued assets while providing solutions to meet your fire protection needs – Chemetron is your single source solution provider.

FM-200® Gas Systems

FM-200® is the clear choice for a fast, clean fire protection agent. Introduced as a Halon replacement in 1993, it quickly gained acceptance as the world’s leading clean gaseous fire extinguishing agent. When it comes to fire protection, there can be no compromise.

FM-200® extinguishes fire via a combination of chemically based fire inhibition and cooling. It is environmentally acceptable, safe to use with sensitive equipment, fast-acting, efficient and effective. FM-200® extinguishes fires primarily by physically cooling the flame; removing heat from the flame to the extent that the combustion reaction cannot sustain itself.

Chemetron FM-200® fire suppression systems work hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art control and detection components to identify and extinguish fires, long before substantial fire damage can occur. Without changing your current control panel or detection systems, an existing system can be easily converted to FM-200®.

Test after test supports the conclusion that FM-200® is as safe for humans as it is effective at fighting fires, leaving no harmful or messy residue. FM-200® must be used with properly designed, installed and maintained equipment for maximum fire protection and coverage. When it comes to fire protection there can be no compromise – contact us to day to learn more about our FM-200® system solutions.

Benefits of FM-200® Gas Systems

  • Environmentally Clean Agent
  • Colorless, Odorless & Electrically Non-Conductive
  • Leaves No Residue, Minimizing Downtime After a Fire
  • Fast-Acting and Efficient Extinguishment
  • Compatible with Sensitive Equipment
  • Recognized by the Top Independent Listing and Approval Agencies
  • Safe for Occupied Spaces

FM-200® System Applications

  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Computer Operations
  • Control Rooms
  • Electronics and Data Processing Equipment
  • Shipboard (Marine) Systems
  • Rare Book Libraries
  • Record Storage Facilities
  • Art Galleries, Museums
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Petrochemical Installations
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities

High & Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Gas Systems

CO2 is fast, efficient, cost-effective and adaptable for a wide range of hazards. The discharge of CO2, a low cost clean agent, is non-damaging to property and electrically non-conductive. Multi-hazard, high risk protection can be designed to provide automatic, simultaneous discharge for a variety of hazards and configurations using high and low pressure systems. Low pressure systems and equipment are best suited for applications where large quantities of CO2 are needed. High pressure systems are recommended for smaller hazards or where space is limited. We work with each client to select the system best suited to an application based on performance, costs, logistics, maintenance, and personnel safety.

Benefits of a CO2 System

  • Fast & Effective – CO2 is a three-dimensional clean agent. Within seconds, it penetrates the entire hazard area to smother the combustion
  • Efficient – CO2 is colorless and odorless. It exists as a gas in the earth’s atmosphere and is one of the byproducts of combustion
  • Non-Conductive – CO2 is electrically non-conductive and three-dimensional, allowing use for a wide variety of special applications
  • Adaptive – CO2 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials in both surface and deep-seated fires
  • Recognized – by the top independent listing and approval agencies
  • Non-Damaging – CO2 is normally harmless to equipment, materials and property. It does not cause spoilage, requires no clean-up and leaves no residue, thus minimizing downtime after a fire

CO2 System Applications

  • Power Generation
  • Cement Plant/Blast Furnace Indirect Coal Firing Systems
  • Metals Production & Processing
  • Printing
  • Automotive
  • Electronics Operations
  • Electronics/Computer Production
  • Food Processing
  • Research Facilities
  • Shipboard (Marine) Systems
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval