Alarm and Detection

Fire alarm and detection systems are incorporated into virtually all commercial and industrial premises in the United States. It is therefore essential that those with responsibility for installation, design and management of these systems have a working knowledge of their operation and application.

Fire detection and alarm systems harness cutting-edge technology to ensure that fires are detected faster and the damage they cause is minimized. In 2008, fires resulted in over 15 billion dollars worth of property damage*. Don’t let your business suffer similar property loss, with properly installed and maintained fire detection and alarm system, property damage is significantly reduced.

As a result, there is an increased responsibility placed on designers, builders, contractors, engineers, and architects for compliance with current specifications.

In any business, down time is costly and unacceptable. With this in mind, we offer customized solutions designed and installed per NFPA. USAutomatic Protects Lives and Protects Property.

Alarm And Detection Systems Include:

Conventional and Addressable Detection Products, Audio/Visual Notification Appliances, Smoke and Fan Controls, Elevator Recall, UL Certification, Fire Alarm Control Panels, Fire Alarm System Networks, Test, Inspect, and Monitoring Devices, Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems, Access Control and Security
*Source: U.S. Fire Administration Website