About Us

At USAutomatic, we take you from commissioning a fire protection system to education and everyday maintenance. Unlike many fire protection and security companies, if a quick repair is needed, you won’t have to wait hours for a mechanic to fix the problem; USAutomatic equips you with the tools you need to succeed while also supporting you if more complex problems occur.

We keep our clients informed of the latest code changes affecting the fire protection industry. Your system will never be out-of-date because we strictly adhere to the latest regulations and codes.

At USAutomatic, we are committed to providing a complete range of fire protection solutions and services. We strive to help others better understand the impact and benefits of various types of loss prevention technologies. Due to our extensive experience we design, install, inspect, and service both chemical and water based systems in addition to hazard analysis and code review.

In other words, USAutomatic does MORE; we don’t just install then send you a bill. We offer a FULL range of supplementary services.

Fire and Life Safety Systems Training

Fire and Life Safety Systems Training:We are proud to house the only live event burn room, hands-on fire and life safety training laboratory and classroom in Indiana.Because of our specialized facility, our technicians can service all types of fire alarm, suppression, and special hazard systems, regardless of the size, complexity, or system manufacture.

At our FlashPoint Center, we have the capability of advanced training for our fire protection specialists and clients. We’re not talking desks and blackboards. This hands-on, live-event fire lab will show you firsthand how systems just like yours are designed to work under real scenarios. Housing the latest equipment from the leading manufacturers, the FlashPoint Center features fully operational:

  • Chemical Based Extinguishing Systems
  • High- and Low-Pressure CO2 Systems
  • FM-200® Clean Agent Systems
  • Foam Systems
  • Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps